INDAK is a globally known, multi-industry manufacturer of electrical, mechatronical and electronic components and parts for the original equipment industries with a focus on innovation, superior quality and customer service.

From the beginning, Indak has been a design-driven company. While the company does some contract assembly of mechanical and electronic products, the majority of its production is designed for specific applications in conjunction with its customers.

With its innovative product ideas and manufacturing technologies INDAK has been in a position to always fulfill highest customers’ demands since its foundation in 1947 and to achieve the best-possible customer satisfaction at a constantly superior quality.

The INDAK Group's headquarters is located in Northbrook, Illinois and has been a partner of BWD since 1991.

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Product Portfolio

The product range offered in Hamburg are mainly focused on INDAK's range of superior high current key switches, rotary switches, resistors and the according hardware. These switches are designed for a variety of applications and conditions experienced in various industries such as: Lawn and Garden, Construction, Agricultural, Marine and Recreational markets.

Besides the program of switches and resistors INDAK produces a variety of electronics for automotive applications including

  • LED lighting,
  • position sensors,
  • HVAC systems,
  • electronics for the health care industry and
  • LED lighting fixtures for commercial buildings.

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