During our more than 50 years of work on the European Automotive Markets we helped various companies to establish a significant pillar of their business on the European continent. Our core-services base on the following principles:

Market Research
Market Development
Potential Analysis

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Your product is unique and successful and you wish to extend your business on a global scale? Our experience and knowledge of the markets and players in Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle-East offers a promising possibility to enhance your customer potential to include one of the most industrialized regions on the planet.

And even if your product is not in congruence with the markets' local requirements, our potential analysis will help you to decide, whether, how and where a successful market entry can be achieved nonetheless.

Product Positioning

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Once the basic circumstances are set and your product is ready to conquest the targeted markets, we exert our established contacts and customer database to identify eligible prospects and potential customers to position your product with.

Day-to-day sales
and communication

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We can facilitate your endeavor of building first business relationships and let you go your way, but what has turned out to be a significant factor of success throughout the years is a strategic approach of developing the market mutually. A branch office in relative proximity to the customer and working on the same time zone is a crucial benefit for efficient growth of your business and most often an essential argument for new customers to work with you in the first place.

We offer not only the development of new customer relationships by using traditional and modern sales approaches, but can also take care of your day-to-day administrative sales work, from customer order handling up to invoicing and related tax processing.

Supply Chain
Supply chain

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Besides the proximity between customers and sales contact another important success factor is a smooth and short-term reactive supply chain to cover spontaneous needs or emergency requests. With our warehousing capabilities of around 2,500 m² (~27,000 ft²) and a broad network of efficient and verified forwarding agents we are well prepared to establish inventory for your product and to react quickly to your customers' short-term needs.

Optionally there is also the possibility of us building up a self-financed inventory, which would lower your capital commitments and hence minimize your risk.


Long-term partnerships form the basis of our success

T/CCI Manufacturing LLC
Compressor technology including reciprocating, swash plate, wobble plate, variable, and air brake compressor designs
The INDAK Group
Mechanical Switches and Resistors


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